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VEAS, has been a problem solver for decades, our development team is always looking forward to monetize the advertisement business, and we do have the specialized service teams for each industry.   Constantly developing new tools to get revenue from any place where ads can be inserted, now you have the options to get fresh income from your business.   With a high rate of investment return guaranteed after just months of operation, we have the experience to help you do it, the right way!

Ad Insertion Benefits

Ad insertion benefits

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Cable Networks

Our Digital Program Insertion (DPI) platform ensures your subscribers a great video experience with new services while you are getting revenue from the ads they watch.


Monetize any screens that your customers, travelers or guests can watch while walking by, using or staying at your company offices or facilites with Digital Signage.


Increase your income with ads, no matter where your users reside or what device they are using, we provide the best experience to them using Dynamic AD Insertion (DAI) or client-side ads.

Content Providers

Generate media content using a combination of hardware/software or the cloud, and produce income with ads, using our solutions to play media files, graphics and insert ads.

Cloud based solutions

Your company can start doing ad-insertion easily, using our solutions. Just contact us with your requirement, and we´ll prepare and setup the right tools to manage, insert and control advertisement in your network with the best video experience for your subscribers.
In a short period of time, your company will be ready to get fresh income from the ads, using the best technical platform available in the market but without paying whims.


Mobile APP Development