Advanced Digital Audio System is a modular radio automation suite designed for complete operation of a 24 hours radio, manually or automatically, manage and audio clips with easy to use touch screen user interface.

Take your radio station to the next level with our Advanced Digital Audio System radio automation platform for radio programming and audio ads.

With multiple playlists, live assist, media browsers, recorders and other modules.

A complete solution can be deployed with different software tools for radio automation, multiple channel streaming, multiple channel recording, news editor, radio video studio for webcasting, material production, report certifications, creator scheduler and more.

Follow the trend and get the best of your radio station to the web, with our solution you can easily boost your broadcast with video, wich has became the way to attract new audiences.


✓ Up to 8 playlists
✓ 4 Live-Assist
✓ 2 Air Recorder
✓ Time and Weather


✓ Import and Rec
✓ Tag editor
✓ CD Rip


✓ On air logs
✓ Security logs
✓ Date and filters
✓ Export and print

Optional Modules

✓ RVS (Video Studio).
✓ Media Transfer.
✓ News Editor.
✓ Streaming

✓ Support windows OS including XP, 7 and 10 (Pro is recommended).
✓ Compatible with any DirectSound compliant audio board and virtual audio mixers.
✓ Supports WAV (MPEG2, PCM), MP3 and other formats.
✓ Runs on intel based platforms with i5 or i7 processors.