Veas AD

AD Management System for OTT, VOD and Mobile ADs.

Your network has the potential to give your company fresh and new methods of monetization.
The way subscribers reach their favorite video content has changed forever, as well as the methods to send advertisement to them.
This is why VEAS has designed an AD Management system that can convert any screen into a potential monetization engine.

This platform combines VOD, OTT and Mobile ADs workflows so perfectly that your viewers will experiment the best video experience anytime and anywhere using their favorite devices while exposed at the same time to your customers advertisement.  

With this platform you will be able to provide your executive customers with insights and results with reports they can view and analyze in real time directly from the cloud.

Veas gives your company the opportunity to combine the best of current technologies with the trends of the future to increase your profits today.


In this new digital era, all video networks deliver data via streaming equipment, VEAS AD is a suite designed for Digital Program Insertion with SCTE30.
A powerful player engine allows a single Ad Server to insert multiple Transport Streams into different Splicers at the same time, up to 96 channels.
Based on SCTE30 standard, VEAS AD can be interfaced with any Splicer in the market, connecting each channel to the desired hardware.
Seamlessly integrate Analog (DTMF) or Digital (SCTE30) cue tones to completely automate Ad Insertion.
Flexible and scalable platform with a complete suite of applications to Manage and Distribute content, Monitor Channels, and Report Commercial Insertions.

To fully automate Ad Insertion a tool for the creation and management of playlists is required, Veas List Maker is a powerful, fast and simple interface with easy weekly programming grid for multiple city and channels. Manual scheduling for Veas DPI , capable of managing all your playlist edition needs with a simple click.

      Digital video delay have never been easier, Veas Delay IP recorder captures an incoming network TS video feed and store enough time so the player can playback the recorded time-shifted data.


      Veas Transfer Pool is a fully automated application that will distribute the material library from a storage server to different cities with practical and smart algorithm designed to lower the bandwidth usage.


      DBD CTD 24-U is an analog 24 channel cue tone detector designed to be used with ad servers to automate splicing and ad insertion. Software based configuration allows any channel to be set to a specific DTMF code.


      Centralized monitoring system with at a glance channel status per city, Veas Status Monitor displays different status of each part of the network from the Ad Servers to the broadcasted signal.


      - Rack Mount PC with SAS Hot-Swap HDD with support for 4, 8, 16 and 32 TB.
      - Redundant 800W power supply for fail safe.
      - Cooling system with 5 distributed fans for refrigeration. SDD system disc for better performance.
      - 3 network interfaces, one for control and two for streaming.


      • - SD - MPEG2 TS of 3.75@8Mbps for SD (4:3)
      • - HD - MPEG2 TS of 4@19Mbps for HD resolutions.


      - MPEG2, H.264 Video.
      - MPEG1, MPEG2 and AC3 audio.

      • - MPEG Transport Stream.