Veas DS, the digital signage platform for generating your own locally procedural channels in multiple locations.

Reduce your marketing costs and offer your new products or services to your current customers, or simply reach new potential buyers with our Digital Signage tool.

Perfect for hospitals, laboratories, supermarkets, malls, churches, small stores and offices, this smart platform will create a custom version of your main feed for each viewer.
Manage hundreds of devices form a centralized or distributed location, with the power to schedule, ingest and transfer all the required materials.


This solution is based on video, audio, images and information resources storaged in the cloud, with a web management platform.
Then all this contents are distributed to each remote site by using a regular WiFi.
Simple, automated and intelligent distribution of the content, with low energy consumption. (It works with any home or commercial internet connetion)

Manage multiple players from a central location or multiple production sites. Use the power of internet in your favor to smart transfer the scheduling and video materials, the player keeps functioning locally even if internet is interrupted.

✓ Multi-format video playout based on MPEG and H264 technology.
✓ Graphical overlay supporting transparent images in PNG and GIF.
✓ Character render for fixed text or crawls, read TXT files or RSS feeds.
✓ Smart AI for bandwidth saving during FTP distribution including cloud based solution