Veas TSi

Veas TSi is a suite designed for Digital AD insertion with SCTE30.

In this new digital era, all video networks deliver data via streaming equipment, VEAS TSI is a suite designed for Digital Program Insertion with SCTE30.

A powerful player engine allows a single Ad Server to insert multiple Transport Streams into different Splicers at the same time, up to 96 channels.

Based on SCTE30 standard, VEAS TSI can be interfaced with any Splicer in the market, connecting each channel to the desired hardware.

Seamlessly integrate Analog (DTMF) or Digital (SCTE35) cue tones to completely automate Ad Insertion.

Flexible and scalable platform with a complete suite of applications to Manage and Distribute content, Monitor Channels, and Report Commercial Insertions.



AD Insertion



From The Client

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  • License for 24, 48 or 96 channels.
  • Multiple Channel visible for easy operation and on screen status monitor.
  • Simple status icons for each Channel that display SCTE30 connection and playback status.
  • NTP and Clock auto sync between the Ad Server and the Splicer.
  • Automated Ad Insertion blocks started by scheduled time, Analog or Digital Tone.
  • Analog CUE tone (DTMF) detector interface connection.
  • Powerful TS playout engine over network, with configurable parameters for performance boost.
  • Multiple Splicer support using SCTE30 Standard.
  • Define one Player to work as backup for other city (100% redundancy).
  • Supports Second Audio Program (For multiple audio language channels).
  • Total configuration of CUE Tone Source (Analog or Digital) for each channel.


  • Scalable storage servers Video and Playlist FileSystems.
  • Fully customize a network of Ad Servers and define global Channel Settings.
  • Multiple Players can connect and use storage of the same Server.
  • Connect each channel to a different Splicer depending on the city.


  • Manage playlists and import them from Veas List Maker or 3rd Party applications.
  • Import TS videos into content library and check important parameters.
  • Check video content stored in Storage Servers.
  • Optional CALM Audio Monitoring with Editor.
  • Optional Audio Normalizer with Editor.


  • Veas VLM is Fully integrated with VeasTSI Server storage, channels and cities network.
  • Weekly programming grid for easy day by day playlist edition. 
  • Copy and paste tools within days (columns).
  • Fast and simple video library with drag and drop into playlists.
  • Easily see video duration and other information.
  • Define blocks in each playlist with time usage, allowing a better distribution of Ads.
  • Block editor with drag and drop for video steps.
  • Manage all the cities in that storage.
  • Manage all the channels in the selected city.
  • Create templates to copy the same grid to different channels and/or cities.
  • Keep a local copy of all lists for safekeeping.
  • Check for Missing files in disk.
  • Check and repair lists for deleted files.
  • Block status to know if block is empty, modified, uploaded or with errors.
  • Create Blocks from CUE Tone report from CTD24 Detector.
  • Auto size to support multiple resolutions.
Technical Specifications


  • Rack Mount PC with SAS Hot-Swap HDD with support for 4, 8, 16 and 32 TB.
  • Redundant 800W power supply for fail safe.
  • Coolings system with 5 distributed fans for refrigeration.
  • SDD system disc for better performance.
  • 3 network interfaces, one for control and two for streaming.

Video Resolutions

  • SD - MPEG2 TS of 3.75@8Mbps for SD (4:3)
  • HD - MPEG2 TS of 4@19Mbps for HD resolutions.

Video & Audio Codecs

  • MPEG2, H.264 Video.
  • MPEG1, MPEG2 and AC3 audio.

Video Formats

  • MPEG Transport Stream.


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