CTD 24

CTD 24 a multichannel analog CUE Tone detector for Ad-Insertion.

CTD 24-U is an analog 24 channel cue tone detector designed to be used with ad servers to automate splicing and ad insertion. 

Software based configuration allows any channel to be set to a specific DTMF code.

Debug mode with possibility to report incoming DTMF on each channel reduces the installation time and makes it easier for engineers to setup. 

Connect to ad servers directly with USB or distribute DTMF tones over the network using CUE Master (optional) to centralize multiple CTD Modules. 

Full balanced audio input connection avoid ground loops.

Cue Tone Detector

Utility Software

Analog Audio Input

  • 24 Balanced Audio Inputs (1/4” Jack Connection). Independent gain adjustment for each audio input.
  • 2 Led indicators per channel, one to monitor detection and the other to acknowledge valid tone.
  • Included software for easy configuration and monitoring.
  • USB Connection for control and DTMF distribution.
  • Debug mode for DTMF discovery, log and analysis.
  • Program mode for DTMF setup and initialization.
  • Normal mode for DTMF detection.
  • Compatible with CUE Master centralized CUE tone detector and distribution software.
Technical Specifications
  • Input level adjustment 30mVPP to 4VPP Noise Masking -12dB bellow
  • DTMF tone DTMF Pulse and space 40/50ms
  • Capture Range 30dB 
  • Power Supply 5V DC 1AMP external 
  • 24 Balanced Audio Jack.

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